The IDEAL Keyword Density Percentage

The short answer is, in my experience, there is no Ideal percentage of keyword density. I do not believe that there is a particular keyword density percentage to get a page to highest ranking in Google. I have lots of opinions to confirm, in this article you can see that opinions. This is not a myth, If you want to rank for any keyword it obviously (common sense) needs to be visible on that page. Just appropriate tagged and in the page title and description also.

You have to write natural content instead of keyword stuffing. And the natural content will be focused on keyword phrase or related key phrases. Writing natural blog posts that are intended completely for readers is important. That kind of blogs is future-proof. I think Google will become a human proof-reader one day and trench all the low-quality content from SERPs. Google is improving day by day its intelligence at highest rate by making use of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). KD is losing its importance with the arrival of LSI algorithm and off page SEO. Google looks at the related keywords to the main keywords in your content including keywords related to the blog post content, this will improve SEO ranking of your post for keywords that you focused in the post. According to the LSI algo, the ideal keyword density is that which keeps your content readable and natural.

Tips for Keyword Density of World’s Top Google SEO Bloggers

Actually, I was also confused about what is the ideal keyword density. So to confirm that I asked some of the world’s top Google SEO bloggers what they thought about keyword density in SEO, these are –

  • Aaron Wall – The Keyword Density is a most important concept. Actually, I have seen that the same link building one is ranking and other is not. That show the (lack of) value of Keyword Density.

  • Lyndon Antcliff – Both the conditions are right. But I make sure the keyword is there, in Title, description and H1 tags. But you should only focus that the content will be natural and readable.

  • Brendan Picha – Use a simple technique such as bold your keyword or use Heading tags. But don’t stuffing the keyword in your content, because it will look like spammy and not natural.

  • Jim Boykin – Just writing “naturally” is the better technique for SEO than worrying about keyword density. But your keyword should be on that page.

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