A huge number of users nowadays access the internet using smartphones running on Android, iOS, or Windows. A desktop version of the website is difficult to use on mobile phones. The version of websites that are not mobile-friendly, difficult to read content without zoom. Google latest update makes it mandatory that a website should be mobile-friendly. If a website that is not mobile-friendly will not have any impact on any search engine. Mobile SEO is the only process for this.

Mobile SEO

First of all, Mobile SEO is the process of a website to make it responsive for Mobile devices of various screen sizes having low bandwidth. Aside from following all the SEO rules which are applicable to a desktop website, we have to take extra care while designing a website for smartphones.

A mobile website has following attributes –

  • A good mobile responsive website performs well on the desktop as well as mobile devices.

  • Also, the content of a mobile responsive website should be easy to read without having zoom on screen.

  • Another, A good mobile-friendly website is lightweight, takes less time to load on mobile networks.

Optimize your Website for Mobile

There are three categories that will help you to optimize your website for mobile devices.

  1. Select mobile configuration

  2. Inform Search Engine

Mobile Configuration

There are three most important factors or categories that you can choose –

  1. Responsive Web Design – Responsive Web design is the approach that proposes that plan and improvement should react to the user’s behavior and condition based on screen size, platform, and orientation.

  2. Separate URL’s – Maintain two URLs – one for mobile users and another for desktop users.

  3. Dynamic Serving – It is a mobile configuration type where the URL of a website remains unchanged, with different HTMLcontent accessed for mobile users.

Useful and Important Tools

  • Google Webmaster Tools – Google Webmaster Tools helps you to identify issues with your website and can even let you know if it has been infected with malware.

  • Responsive Web Design Testing Tool – This tool has been built to help with testing your responsive websites while you design and build them.

  • Moz Local – This tool helps you to ensure that your local SEO is in order or not. As a result, you can check the proper order.

  • Mobile EmulatorMobile emulator uses to tests how your website displayed across different smartphones.

  • SEOPTIMERSEOptimer is a free SEO Tool that will perform a detailed website analysis across 100 website data points, and provide clear and actionable recommendations for steps you can take to improve your online presence and ultimately rank better in Google Search. SEOptimer is ideal for website owners, website designers and digital agencies who want to improve their own sites or theirs of their clients.

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