Nowadays almost every client/person wants a mobile version of their website. About each and every person in these days has an internet access on their mobiles. So it’s essential after-all that one design for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and on all screen resolutions must be perfect. It is the best platform to build responsive web design and web development. 

Do you imagine that the client will remain on a website that is difficult to use on the mobile phone? Because the site was built for desktop only? For this situation, the client will no doubt move onward to a more mobile friendly website.
In the field of web development and design, it is more difficult or impossible to create a website for each and every resolution for every new device. One of the best alternatives is bootstrap for this situation to build a responsive website for each and every resolution.

Bootstrap: Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the technique to design and development a website as customer’s requirement. It’s a technique that involves the intelligent use of the mix of queries, layouts, flexible grids, CSS media, and Images etc. When the person moves from laptop to mobile, the website will automatically adjust their size according to the resolution of that device.

Bootstrap is one of the powerful and most popular technology for build an easier and faster responsive design of a website. It is an open source front-end HTML, CSS and JS framework for designing and developing a responsive website. It also supports HTML5 and CSS3. It is a single code base framework which allows viewing experience from mobiles to desktops to tablets with CSS media queries. One of the most important features of Bootstrap is Sass(less). It is the way to saves lot of time in developing a website if it is used in the correct manner. Finally in all over the world, Bootstrap is the present of web development.

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