Today Online marketplace is having extremely traffic. Everyone wants to become more famous in their sector. SEO Company in India will help you to complete your dream and hold it. But you will have to take every step very carefully. If you are new in the Business world and started your business in a small way, then SEO will help you to enlarge your business company. It will also help you to get more traffic on your website and improve your links with the customers. Google, is one of the most leading Search Engine. It has ranking factors like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird. Google follow these updates for ranking and provides the best possible results for every search query.

On-Page SEO and Elements

On-Page SEO means optimizing the each page, so they rank regularly high on search engine result pages and bring relevant traffic.
For more information in details, you can see at SEO-Moz about On-Page SEO. It explores more interested advanced techniques about On-Page SEO.

Elements of On-Page SEO

There are few elements of On-Page SEO that must follow to rank higher on SERP.

Keywords and Title Tag

The title tag of a website is the most important element of On-Page SEO because it is the part that Google displays in the Search engine result page and those are the first word that visitors will see before visit your website. Title tag signals to the Google that your page relevant or not for the search query.

Meta Description

Meta Description not as important as Title tag but it’s something that the user read before they decide to visit your link according to your title tag and description. According to Google Meta description is not a strong factor for ranking but for relevancy to the user it is also the most important factor to improve/increase traffic to your website.

Keyword Stuffing

There is no doubt that keywords are also the most important factor for helping to improve ranking on SERP. But Google follows some rules that relevant keywords on a single page content not in high amount. You should not use keyword stuffing, otherwise, it will be the factor for decremented your ranking. You can use other words related to keywords instead of keyword stuffing.


Content is the most important part for ranking factor. Most of the people search for the in-depth content that will provide the answer for almost every search query related to that content. So write long content that will also help to get more traffic and also help to improve ranking on SERPs. Google also follow the rule for ranking factor is that one is the lengthier content and the other one is relevancy.

Less Page Loading Time

If your site’s loading very slowly that means you don’t care for your customers. If your site is very slow than most of the customers will run away from your website because of slow loading. Today’s no one wants slow speed. Use tools for specially built for fixing page loading time and follow the instructions on how to fix problem having on your website or you will have high-speed web hosting for your website.
Do you have any other important on-page factor that will help for improve ranking on SERPs?

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