The quality of the content is always most important when creating new content, yet it’s the SEO that can help your website of achieving target audience. Good content is always the king of a website, but it’s also required to high rank on Search engine result pages if you want high traffic with it.

The perfect answer is finding the good balance between SEO-friendly content and content readability. It’s basic to ensure the Google spiders – and after that readers – can find your site or blog. Knowing a couple tricks that can help you increase their rankings, without giving up your best writing skills or expert knowledge.

Here are some tips to create content that search engines and visitors (readers) will enjoy.

Create Unique and original content for SEO

That is up to you because there is no such way to create unique content. If you have a unique and different idea for a different kind of business. That will help you to create unique and original content. There are many tools to check whether your content is original and unique or duplicate content like Copyscape and so on.

Using your focus keyword in the title can also be a smart idea, however, don’t make too hard your title to include it. Using perfect words and avoid repetition to make a clear and engaging result. Go for a headline (title) of 55-60 characters, as this is the thing that Google will show on the SERP.

Use Heading Tags

It’s not only content, as well as its structure, that helps Google display result first. Along with this, a structure with headings and sections that encourage reading are preferred both from a client viewpoint and search engine point of view.

Headings tags also help search engines to get a quick overview of your content, which is the reason it can be advantageous to feature your focus keyword at least once. That will more helpful to get high rank on SERP’s.

Regardless of whether you take after the structure of H1 to H6, or basically include H2 and H3 headings at important focuses all through the content, reliable structure in content is valued.

Include Internal and External Links

Internal links can help you to get high authority in a specific field by making a logical content from one post to another reliable post. It will also help to the reader or visitor to get additional information through internal links.

External links show that you are very much aware of the content or topic you’re writing about, to the degree that you’re prepared to use additional sources to support your content. It’s more valuable to connection to trustworthy sources, as these connections have greater believably.

Optimize Images

The optimization of your images is more helpful in SEO and for visitors and search engines. Because if your visual content is more prominent, then Alt tag of your image will help you to find the perfect image on search engines. Just keep your file name relevant. Just add alt tag and title of the image. Also more careful about file sizes because it affects the page speed.

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